Week 14

(I finished my week 13/ Deepavali post with a lot more pictures, so check that out if you haven’t seen it!)

We were in Penang the beginning of the week, as we stayed with family for Deepavali.

We visited a temple for prayers

We had school again on Wednesday.

Halloween was this week, so I carved pumpkins as a way to share American culture and traditions! I couldn’t find the usual big orange pumpkins like we have in the US, so I settled for a cooking pumpkin I found at a local market. (The saleswoman was very confused when I said I didn’t care that the specific pumpkins I chose —the biggest two I could find— weren’t going to be nice for cooking, and all I cared was their outside appearance). After quite a bit of struggling with the difficult pumpkins, Ying and I carved them!

This week, a festival started which included six days of prayers for Lord Murugan. We went to the nearby Lord Murugan temple for prayers every night for six days.

On the sixth and final night, Lord Murugan’s wedding was represented. Everyone brought platters of food and other offerings, and after reenacting the story of Lord Murugan, his symbolic wedding to the god’s second wife was performed. The evening began with a procession of everyone with their offerings from a nearby temple to the Lord Murugan temple.

Priest performing the wedding

Later, Ying and I baked a cake for Amma’s birthday!

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