Week 11

Sunday night we went to My Gopeng Resort, where we spent the night for our AFS Perak chapter delayed orientation.

Our nice cabin
Jungle trekking! We had to stick to service roads since it had just rained torrentially and trekking through the deep jungle would be too slippery. We didn’t see as much wilderness, but it was still nice!
Snacks made by a student: a traditional Malaysian food, and pancakes.

The next morning, we went whitewater rafting! The jungle was beautiful and it was so fun. We jumped in and got to swim in the river a couple of times, also jumping off of/ attempting to do flips off of rocks. 

After rafting, we visited a waterfall. It felt amazing to stand under the falling water, and it was beautiful. 

Later, we drove back to the resort in an old lorry, sitting on top of the rafts. We had so much run driving through treacherous jungle roads, barely managing to pass other cars on the supposed-to-be-one-lane-road, singing, looking up at the sky and the jungle, and ducking when stray branches threatened to hit us  
We had school the next few days. 

The following Saturday, I went to the new gym in the morning! It was such a beautiful day, and the view from the gym was lovely. I was so happy to finally go to a fancy gym and do a real workout, and the gorgeous weather added to my happiness. 

Later, I went to a Malay wedding with Ibe’s family. 

After that, we walked around Tapah town for several hours, and I bought supplies to send a package to a friend in the US for her birthday. 

The next day, I went to the nearby town of Kampar with Ibe’s family for her sisters’ art class. 

We went to a fancy cafe serving something called Eggette, a trendy sort of waffle with ice cream on top. 
The End For Now 🙂

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