The Journey

Selamat datang ke Malaysia! Welcome to Malaysia!¬†It’s only Day Four in the country, but this is a phrase we’ve heard countless times already. So many Malaysians¬†have been so welcoming and excited by the arrival of foreigners to the country they clearly love so much.


IMG_5764After some tearful goodbyes at BWI airport, I boarded a plane to LAX, with another AFSer right in front of me. We arrived in Los Angeles at about 10 am local time (although it felt like 6 pm thanks to waking up at 4:30 am that morning), and once all the other Malaysia-bound AFSers arrived, we began orientation and leaders talked about all things AFS.




The next day, we boarded a plane headed to Tokyo. This plane was so cool! There were personal entertainment TV/ game sets, free blankets and pillows, snacks, meals, and green tea ice cream! I spent the 10-hour flight watching movies (some in Malay) and playing games with my new friends.

The Tokyo airport was far less crowded than expected, and it reminded me of an Ikea/stereotypical futuristic Japanese infrastructure mix.

Fancy vending machines that sold ice cream!
Some dried squid for a delicious airplane snack












Magazines with questionable content


Our first encounter with squat toilets











Six hours later, we arrived in Kuala Lumpur!

KLIA adorned with Hari Raya decorations

After getting through customs, we met up with the AFSers from Italy, bought bottles for water for the equivalent of $0.50, and boarded a bus to head to our hotel, which we reached around 3 am local time.

Lovely hotel room shared with an AFSer from Italy
Wonderful “one size fits all” slippers for both men and women?

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