Week 3 Week-Late Update

I’ve been trying to do a weekly update of my time in Malaysia, but I haven’t been finishing the updates on time, so I figure a better name would be the Week-Late Update (not to be confused with Weekend Update or some other copyrighted comedy skit), so that will be the new title of my posts. 🙂…

Tropical Fruits! (Buah-buahan)

There are SO MANY exotic fruits here in Malaysia! I’ll update this post with all the interesting fruits I find over the course of the year. Mangosteen (Manggis) Found inside the eggplant-looking outside layer, this fruit looks like squishy cloves of garlic… but tastes nothing like it! They are very sweet and are my favorite new…

Week Two

This week included the first day of school and visits to several Hindu temples!

The First Week

I’ve now been living with my host family for two weeks, and I’m starting to settle in! My host family seems wonderful, and everyone at school was very welcoming. Amma (mother) and Appa (father) have hosted five students before, so they certainly know what they’re doing! My host mother Amma is a teacher at the school…

The Journey

Our journey from the United States to the capital of our new home